Management Services


Residential Property Management Services


We can customize our management services/contract to meet the individual needs of a property owner. Some or all of the following services for each of our owner/clients can be individualized to fit the specific needs or the client and the property.


Advertise the property (Signs, newspaper ads, etc.)
Show the property personally and distribute statements about the property
Screen prospective tenant applications, secure credit report, search public records, verify references and conduct interviews
Negotiate leases and customize lease clauses for property needs
Collect all move-in money, i.e., rent, security deposits


Collect rent, Security deposits, and other receipts. Deposit into Trust Account for Owner
Pay all operating expenses for property on behalf of owner, i.e, mortgage, property taxes, insurance, etc.
Submit monthly statements to owners


24-hour, 7-days per week, maintenance emergency number and service response.
Coordinate major repairs and renovations with specialists such as electricians, general contractors, plumbers, etc.

General Management Services

Handle all tenant relations, correspondence, phone calls, and maintenance requests.
Enforce lease requirements on behalf of owner.
Serve notices to terminate tenancy, proceed with unlawful detainer action.
Employ attorneys ,and complete any necessary eviction action.

Management Fee

The fee for management services for properties managed by Real Estate People on most single-family units will be 10% of the rents collected.

The fee for management services for most multi-unit buildings managed by Real Estate People will be 6% of the rents collected.

All rental services are performed on an exclusive basis; i.e., Real Estate People will be the exclusive agent for all rentals and does not cooperate with other agents. The exception to this is commercial vacancies.


Owners pay all costs for advertising, property maintenance, and operating expenses for the property.

Compensation for Other Services

Compensation for modernization, capital improvements, refinancing or other services not listed above, may be charged on an hourly fee and/or 10% project management fee.

Prior to quoting an exact fee for management/rental services, we will evaluate the property and make an initial visit. There is no fee for this service. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need any additional information.


Homeowners Association Management Services



Please review the list of services we offer for Homeowners Association Management.
Please see Scope of Contractual Services for details of services.
We are happy to provide a sample management agreement, copy of monthly statements, and references upon request.

1. Deposit monthly assessments into the Associations operating account, send late notices and lien notices in compliance with the Associations delinquency policy, collect late fees and other income.

2. Pay vendors, including utilities, trades people, maintenance and janitorial workers, as well as professional fees, taxes, licenses, insurance, and payments to reserve account.

3. Mailing statements by the 30th for the preceding months business activity. Mail to the Board income/expense transactions by month and year-to-date.

4. Supervise, hire, and discharge all labor and employees needed for the maintenance of the premises with approval and direction of the Board. Provide complete records and pay all charges associated with workers compensation insurance. Provide a 24-hour emergency contact. Initiate code compliance and any other maintenance and repair programs, which may be required for the safety, security, and enjoyment of residents of the Association.

5. Notify homeowners of meetings and attend Annual Meeting of the Board; distribute minutes according to the Associations practice.

6. Determine a routine schedule for inspection of property in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

7. Execute standard disclosure forms with budget information for sale, transfer or refinance of individual units (fee to be charged to unit owner). Provide, upon request, other Association documents (additional charge). The Designated Association officer is sent copies of all disclosures.

8. Track and collect fees due on transfer of units or tenancies on behalf of the Association.

9. Maintain a system of office records and accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures. Books and records made available to any authorized representative of the Association on reasonable notice.

10. Prepare an annual budget for the Boards approval.

11. Work with the Board to update the reserve study and to keep the Associations financial statements in compliance with State law.

12. Solicit bids for placement of insurance coverage. Arrange financing, if needed, with the Board, periodically review coverage.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can be of service to you.

Scope of Contractual Services for Home Owners Associations

Attendance at Board Meetings: Manager shall attend up to (1) one regular Board meeting every quarter as may be directed by the Board. Manager has no obligation to attend regular Board meetings on holidays or for more than (2) two hours for any single meeting. The Board shall give Manager reasonable advance notice of such meetings and make an effort to accommodate any conflict in Managers schedule.

Preparation Meeting Notices, Agendas & Coordination of Venues as appropriate: Manager shall schedule, notice and coordinate the Board, general membership meetings and Annual Meetings and shall prepare necessary materials such as notices, agendas, reports, ballots proxies, and similar items. Manager shall prepare and distribute Board Packets and supplementary materials at least ten (10) days prior to a meeting, either by US Mail or by email in electronic format.

Owner Roster: Manger shall maintain a current roster of the names and addresses, and to the extent they are available, the telephone numbers and email addresses of all unit owners.

Correspondence: Manager shall receive and review ASSOCIATION correspondence, and shall prepare and dispatch such correspondence as may be appropriate for the occasion.

Record & File Maintenance: Manager shall maintain the corporate functional files relating to the operations and management of the ASSOCIATION as required by law.

Emergency Services: Manager shall have in effect and provide for after hour answering and/or emergency assistance service as may be necessary for the health, safety and well being of the occupants of the Association.

Rule Enforcement: Manage shall assist the Board in enforcing the Project Documents by conducting necessary site inspections, generating enforcement letters per the Boards enforcement policy and the governing documents and assist the Board in conducting the necessary hearings. Unless held in conjunction with Board Meetings, hearings will be charged to the Association at the Managers rate.

Insurance Liaison: Manager shall obtain and submit an insurance program for Board review, and provide liaison services with ASSOCIATION insurance brokers and/or agents. Manager does not engage in claims administration.

Hours of Operation: Manager shall maintain normal office hours Monday through Friday (except holidays) for communications related to ASSOCIATION business.

Ordinary Maintenance/Repairs of Common Area: Manger shall schedule and monitor maintenance and repair the common area, including the following: common area structures streets walks and gutters; pool(s), spa(s), saunas(s) and related equipment; painting; plumbing; janitorial services; trash collection; garage/carports; landscape areas.

Major Repairs/Alterations of Common Area: Any repairs, structural changes, alterations or additions to the common area, or any portion thereof, that requires an expenditure of more than $750 shall be deemed major repairs/alterations and require specific Board authorization.

Contract Administration: The Manager, at the request of the Board, and in accordance with the terms of the management contract, shall obtain competitive bids for the work and submit them to the Board for their action. The Board shall then decide upon the company or the professional to hire to do major repairs. Manager shall coordinate and monitor the work in progress, but shall not supervise or be responsible for the satisfactory completion of the work. The Board shall hire a construction supervisor, if appropriate, and that party shall supervise and ensure satisfactory completion of the work.

Periodic Building/Amenity Inspection Report: Periodically, the Manager shall prepare a written review of building/amenity inspection conditions and report recommended maintenance and repairs for the Boards consideration.

Assessment Collection: Management shall cause to be prepared and mailed assessment billing coupons to the membership as the Board may direct, and shall bill the owners, as necessary, for other assessments, fees and charges levied by the Association. Manager shall cause the collection and, as necessary, the receipt for all assessments, fees, charges or other income received by the Association.

Deposit of Collections: If processed manually, Management shall deposit all assessment funds collected locally into the appropriate ASSOCIATION account(s) within (3) three business days of receipt. Otherwise, Assessments collected will be processed through a bank lockbox where they will immediately begin to collect interest. Homeowners are also encouraged to utilize the auto payment method called ACH or EFT. Management shall also maintain the records of the ASSOCIATIONS interest bearing reserve accounts pursuant to a reserve study and the ASSOCIATIONS Adopted Investment Policy, or as may otherwise be directed by the Board.

Delinquency Follow-Up: Manager shall be responsible for collecting delinquent assessments and other charges in accordance with the policies and procedures Adopted by the Board Annually for the Association. Manager shall act as liaison between the Board and a collection service to provide the information and records necessary to pursue collection of delinquent accounts. Management charges an additional fee for costs associated with participating in any collection action that is equal to the late fees assessed to the delinquent homeowners.

Lien Enforcement Policy & Practices: Management shall assist the Board in the preparation Delinquency Policy describing the ASSOCIATIONS policies and practices in enforcing lien rights or other legal remedies for the collection of delinquent assessments against ASSOCIATION members. The policy will be distributed to the membership during the ninety (90) day period immediately prior to the beginning of the ASSOCIATIONS fiscal year.

Invoice Processing and Approval: Management shall review and approve all invoices for budgeted items and other approved expenditures. Any and all apparent discrepancies or irregularities in invoices shall be corrected by coordination with the appropriate vendor.

Major Repair: Management shall attempt to contact a member of the Board for expenditure approval, but if unsuccessful, Management is authorized to act in any reasonable manner to satisfactory address the emergency situation.

Disbursements-Accounts Payable: Manager shall cause regular and periodic disbursements from ASSOCIATIONS operating accounts for all expenses and obligations authorized to be paid and on behalf of the ASSOCIATION as set forth in this Management Agreement.

Payroll Association Employees: Manager shall be responsible for payroll and payroll accounting for ASSOCIATION employee(s) when applicable.

Financial & Report Preparation: Management shall maintain or case to be maintained by an outside service, complete and accurate financial books and records for the ASSOCIATION.

Corporate Tax Returns & Audit Preparation: Management shall assist the ASSOCIATION and its bookkeeper, certified public accountant or other financial consultant in the preparation of tax returns, annual audits, and financial reviews. Management shall distribute copies of the year-end financial review to the membership within 120 days after the close of the ASSOCIATIONS fiscal year or as otherwise required by law.

Budget Preparation: Management shall assist in the preparation of a pro forma operating budget as required by Civil Code Section 1365(a) so that it is available to the Board not less then one hundred (100) days prior to the beginning of the ASSOCIATIONS fiscal year, in order that it may be approved and into the hands of the Associations not later than the ninetieth (90) prior to the end of the fiscal year. If the Board elects to distribute a summary pursuant statements to be mailed to the member, Management shall arrange to provide a copy of the Budget by first-class mail within five (5) days of the request. BUDGET PREPARATION WILL INCLUDE ALL DISCLOSURES REQUIRED BY THE CIVIL CODE TO BE DISIMINATED ANNUALLY AS PART OF OR WITH THE BUDGET.

Reserve Study: Management shall schedule & coordinate a periodic reserve study in order to comply with the requirements of California Civil Code 1365(d).

Administration of Contracts: The Board shall select all contractors, vendors, and service providers unless Manager is instructed by the Boards to make the selection. After selection and retention, Manager shall schedule and monitor the activities of the contractor, vendor or service provider, including without limitation, the obtaining of contract documents, certificates or insurance, copies of bonds, warranties, releases of liens and other necessary or prudent documentation. Manager shall monitor the work in progress, keep the board apprised of its status and process warranty claims. Manager also shall cooperate and assist professional consultant retained by the Board.

Complaint/Service Request Procedures: Manager shall develop and maintain a program to respond to all reasonable complaints and all reasonable requests for maintenance repairs and minor alterations in accordance with the procedures and guidelines adopted by the Board. Manager shall report monthly to the Board on all such complaints and requests.

Materials & Supplies Expense: Mailing Labels-Envelopes/Standard-Envelopes/Large Manila-Photocopies-Color Paper reproductions-Postage-Color Reproductions-Handling-Single Unit-Handling-Mass Mailing-Long distance telephone calls- FAX transmissions-Binders/Archives boxes/file.

Non-Routine Services: Manager may, at the request of the Board, perform certain non-routine services for additional compensation at the rate of $100 per hour, plus travel at one-half (1/2) such hourly rate and travel expenses actually incurred, or at such other rate of compensation as may be agreed upon in writing by Manager and ASSOCIATION.